Mikuni/Solex 40/44PHH Type S4 Gasket Rebuild Kit Alt+Pump+Fig 8

Mikuni Solex Type S4 Carburetor Gasket Rebuild Kit With Pump Diaphragm and Figure Eight O-Rings #Z70-1044S4+PDFE. Genuine Mikuni Parts, Made in Japan.
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  • Item #: MIKZ70-1044S4+PDFE
  • Manufacturer: Mikuni
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: Z70-1044S4+PDFE

Mikuni / Solex PHH 40 and PHH 44 Type S4 Carburetor - Four Bolt Float Chamber Cover - Type S4 Gasket Rebuild Kit Alternative with Pump Diaphragm and Figure Eight O-Rings - Part #Z70-1044S4+PDFE. The earlier Mikuni / Solex Carburetors with the Four Bolt Float Chamber Cover are commonly referred to as the Type S4. This version Solex Carburetor could also found on some Toyota 2TG and 18RG OE applications. Both the 40PHH and 44PHH Carburetor applications use the 44PHH Gasket Rebuild Kit. Mikuni no longer offers a specific gasket repair kit for the Type S4 application. The closest option we have available from Mikuni is the #Z70-1044 (44PHH) Gasket Rebuild Kit with the four bolt Float Chamber Cover Gasket and one Gasket for the 14mm Needle Valve added. This package also includes, one Pump Diaphragm and two Figure Eight O-Rings. The Z70-1044 Gasket Rebuild Kit items are listed in one of the images. All parts are Genuine Mikuni, Made in Japan. Please match item images with your application for confirmation, prior to placing your order.

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