Mikuni 44 PHH Performance Carburetor - 4cyl Jetting Kit #Z70/163

Genuine Mikuni 44 PHH Performance Carburetor Jetting Kit - 4Cyl. 44PHH #Z70/163. Solex
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  • Item #: MIKZ70/163
  • Manufacturer: Mikuni
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: Z70/163

Mikuni 44 PHH Performance Carburetor - 4cyl Jetting Kit 44PHH #Z70/163. Genuine Mikuni Jets - Made in Japan. This 4 cylinder Jetting kit is for two Mikuni 44PHH Performance Carburetors. Each carburetor requires two jets and two pump nozzle gaskets per carburetor. Sorry, No Substitutions.

This Mikuni 44PHH Carburetor 4Cyl Jetting kit #Z70/163 includes Four of each of the following:

Main Jet (N100.604) sizes: 135, 140, 145

Air Jet (B42/55) sizes: 180, 220

Pilot Jet (N101.043) sizes: 50, 52.5, 55

Pump Nozzle (N102.202) sizes: 45, 50

Pump Nozzle Gaskets: #N102.065 (item # 66*)

Cotter Pins: #Y-1006 (item #57*)

* refers to item number in Mikuni carburetor exploded view diagram.

This Mikuni Jetting kit also includes Mikuni Jet Box #KHS-024 - 18 Slots Adjustable - Size 7 X 4 X 1.5 inches. Plastic - Mikuni Decal.  The original Mikuni Jet Board is discontinued and is replaced with this Jet Box.

Also fits some Mikuni / Solex PHH Carburetor applications. Note: Some 40PHH OEM Solex Carburetors use Mikuni 44PHH Performance Carburetor parts. Please compare images of items for comparison and confirmation. 

Authorized Mikuni Distributor.

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Sorry, No Substitutions.

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