Mazda Miata MX5 B6/BP - Int/Exh Adjustable Jun Auto Cam Gears

Jun Auto Adjustable Cam Sprockets - Miata
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  • Item #: PERJUN1006M-Z001/Z101
  • Manufacturer: JUN Auto
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 1006m-z001/1006m-z101

Mazda Miata MX5 B6-ZE/BP-ZE - Intake and Exhaust, Adjustable Jun Auto Cam Sprockets - 1006M-Z001 and 1006M-Z101. Intake cam sprocket part number is 1006M-Z001. Exhaust cam sprocket part number 1006M-Z101, sold as a pair(one each). Exhaust gear pictured on left, Intake gear pictured on right. Made in Japan.

JUN Cam Gears are designed purely for performance, with the zero mark set exactly at TDC for precise and accurate adjustment. These cam gears conform to OEM cam gear outer rings for perfect timing belt fitment. Intake Cam Sprocket.For Mazda B6-ZE & BP-ZE Engines. Common application: Mazda Miata NA6C NA8C NB8CThe JUN Cam Slide Sprocket design is specifically designed to have extremely tough construction, to withstand high rpm useage, without fear of vibration or loosening adjustment bolts.The 0 mark is set perfectly at Top Dead Center for extremely precise and simple reliable adjustments with each adjustment increment allowing 4 degrees of intake or exhaust valve timing adjustment.


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