MOTUL Valve and Injector Clean 300ml #109614

MOTUL Valve and Injector Clean 300ml #109614
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  • Item #: MOT109614
  • Manufacturer: Motul
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 109614

MOTUL Valve and Injector Clean 300ml #109614. Sold individually.

Motul Valve and Injector Clean is a special additive that removes contamination in the entire fuel injection system—ensuring effective cleaning of valves, injector nozzles, intake manifold and ports without dismantling. This improves the engine performance and provides a powerful, stable combustion - reducing fuel consumption and optimizing exhaust gas emissions.

TYPE OF USE: For Gasoline engines only. Add one can (300 ml) of MOTUL VALVE AND INJECTOR CLEAN every 6 months to the fuel tank before refueling. Sufficient for 16gal of gasoline. For larger tank capacities add 1% of the overall filling content. Attention: Cleaning fluid, not a fuel substitute.

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