240SX S13 - Kazama - Tie Rod Ends, Outer - XKTE0700

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  • Item #: SUSKAZXKTE0700
  • Manufacturer: Kazama
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: XKTE0700

Nissan 240SX 1989-1994 S13 - Kazama - Tie Rod Ends, Outer - XKTE0700. Allows for adjustment of steering angle beyond factory settings, as well as roll center correction. When a vehicle is greatly lowered, roll center is thrown off which can cause bump steer issues. The adjustable tie rod end can remedy this suspension geometry issue, as well as provide a greater amount of steering angle. Tie rod ends feature high quality construction and durable spherical pillow ball ends, which eliminates factory rubber bushing type suspension arms. Pillowball ends are special coated to decrease wear. #XKTE0700

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